Tuesday, January 21, 2014

There are Signs

Though the forecast is for snow later today, there are signs of spring around the homestead.  Crocus and daffodils have begun poking up.  Hellabores are making flower buds.

Garlic has been putting on a lot of growth.  It was planted in what was the old chicken yard, so there ought to be some good nutrition there.  The hog wire tunnel is to prevent exuberant pups from trampling it in the midst of their playing.  The first seeds have been ordered.  I've caught up with my ironing.  Mending was caught up a couple of weeks ago, but it seems there are new things popping up to mend regularly on the homestead, so there are again 3 or 4 things waiting for me.  I did manage a little bit of sewing, making a couple of lavender sachets from a pretty toile fabric, and resizing 3 cotton nightgowns that were too large for me.  Today my main goal is to wrap 70 bars of soap for a local B&B.  What's on your plate today?

1 comment:

Michèle Hastings said...

You have inspired me to go check the garden and see what might be springing up!

My plate (or should I say ware board) is full of pigs. I have 50 piggy banks to assemble and I am half way there.