Friday, December 13, 2013

The Little Flower that Didn't and a Natural Sore Throat Spray

This is the little flower that didn't make it to the recent show with me.  It was after I took the photo that I was playing with the display for the flowers, when they crashed and burned.  The green dish broke into many pieces.  The poinsettia portion survived with a few added marks of character.  So.... ummm, that was not the display method to use.

I think many of us can identify an area of our bodies that is generally the first to tell us when we're overdoing and needing nurturing.  For me, that area has always been my throat.  For years, I struggled with sore throats at the drop of a hat.  A tea tree-based lozenge was the first thing I found that helped, but at some point I created a throat spray that works wonders for me.  I use a small, amber glass spray bottle.  I save good, little spray bottles for just such a purpose.  My current one began as a frankincense hydrosol bottle.  Just clean the bottle well before using it for its new purpose.  This recipe may be something you' like to include as part of your natural medicine chest.  The ingredients are things I keep on hand.  If you don't have all the ingredients, try it first with what you do have, and see if it works for you.

Natural Sore Throat Spray

2 tablespoons colloidal silver
4 drops red thyme essential oil
2 drops clove essential oil
2 drops tea tree oil

Combine in an amber glass bottle using a funnel.  Fill your spray bottle, and spray the back of your throat 2 or 3 times as needed.  I will tell you it's not the best tasting remedy.  I think the tea tree oil imparts a strong taste.  You may choose to leave it out.  In my earliest versions, I also added a few drops of spilanthes tincture for a numbing effect, but I ran out at some point, and found it still works fine.  I typically double, triple or even quadruple this recipe, to make sure I've got plenty made up.  It's easy to throw the spray bottle in my bag and take it with me on days I feel like I may need it.

There are different qualities of essential oils out there.  I'd recommend researching the manner in which yours were obtained.  Some methods use harsh chemicals to extract the oils, and of course you don't want to be putting that into your body.  You may want to ask your local natural grocery store staff about the brands they carry.

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JLK Jewelry said...

Thanks Laurie. Wes has had a sore throat that has cleared up a bit now that I have humidifers and a copper pot of water on the wood stove. this might be helpful for him too.

Sorry that your flower broke, it is so pretty!

Laurie said...

We definitely need to add some humidity, with the woodstoves cranked these days, Jennie. Brrrr