Friday, August 9, 2013

A New View

Those there are the first curtains I've ever sewn.  I figured the pantry would be a good place to wet my feet, it being somewhere we won't be living and looking at them everyday.  I made them from what I believe is linen fabric I found at the thrift store.  To be sure, they're far from perfect, but they serve the purpose.  We recently put our potato harvest in there.  I've covered the potatoes with burlap, but the less light the better, for them and for the jars of canned goods.

This week, I made the first tomato pie of the summer.  Along with it, I made these muffins.  I'll be making them again. I've also had my eye on a blueberry cornmeal muffin recipe, which uses fresh corn, in addition to the cornmeal.  I just need to buy some corn, and we'll give it a whirl.  Or wait a bit longer for our corn.  A good half of it was knocked down by a storm, but we have hopes of harvesting a few ears, if we can keep the critters from getting them first.

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