Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring Chicks, Birds and Flowers

I'm sorry I have not stopped by here lately.  It's been a whirlwind of a spring, with a show, new product development, soap making, gardening, a homestead building project and more.  Some chicks have recently been given to us.  Last weekend, Joseph's son and family found a chick in the Burger King parking lot(!), which they rescued and brought to us.  Then, on Monday, a friend gave us 4 chicks.  The mama hen is a breed that is a good sitter, though it escapes me at the moment.  The rooster is a Lakenvelder.  *Mama hen is a Delaware.

This spring, I've seen birds I've not noticed before.  Last week, I saw some unfamiliar birds building a nest atop the gutter at Hospice, but didn't get a picture. This week, I heard a bird fly into the storm door, and when I went outside, found a white-throated sparrow, which I don't remember seeing before.  According to my book, it appears it was migrating to Canada for the warmer months.  I sat with it to keep it safe from the farm cats until it got it's bearings and flew off.  I thought she was lovely.

It's been a cool, damp spring here.  Even so, there are many flowers bursting forth...  iris, clematis, spiderwort, roses, dogwood, coral honeysuckle to name a few.  The garden plants are hanging in there, but I wouldn't say they're thriving.  I'm sure warmer weather will arrive soon.

I hope you're enjoying whatever is filling your days!

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