Friday, August 17, 2012

Meet, Greet and Bee

I'm gathering up ingredients for some serious soapmaking sessions.  The last of the Patchouli soap will be going to good homes today, and there are several other bare spots on my shelves.  Sirius soap is ready to be wrapped, and a batch of Cedar Lemongrass will be on it's heels. 

Today I'm preparing for the Lark Artists Meet and Greet, tonight at Betsy Browne Pottery.  Pondering if I should bring hummus or black bean dip... preferences, anyone?  I was happy to see I'd caught a bumblebee in mid flight, in the sunflower pic.  Have a sunny day, friends!


cookingwithgas said...

all plans are a hold for tonight- if I find I can get away I just might come up there.. and that picture of the sunflower with the bee!!

Stephanie said...

Hey Laurie!! Wonderful bee picture! So sorry we did not make it to your meet and greet. I would have loved black bean dip or hummus!! Enjoy your day. Peace, Stephanie

Laurie said...

Had a nice turnout, but would have been even better with you two!