Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Inspiring Places

The rains have finally come.  More than 2 inches fell last night, with more in the forecast.  You could almost hear the plants sigh with relief. With the lower temps, we were able to open the house up last night, for the first time in a couple of weeks.  I love having fresh air circulating through the house.  Some of the younger squash were shriveling up on the vine, but I was able to harvest what you see above yesterday.  I expect the garden will really start jumping now.

I've been to some inspiring places on the web recently, and thought I'd share them with you.  First up, from the Subsistence Pattern blog , is a wonderful video on Forest Gardening , a type of permaculture.  The couple lives in New Zealand, and has hundreds of varieties of plants on their 2 acres. 

Another is a lovely blog, Moon to Moon . Many of the spaces she shares are soulful and sometimes funky, much like those in the the Handmade Houses books I've collected.  I should tell you her July 8th post has photos from the 60's and 70's, including a few with nudity, in case that would offend.  I believe I'll take my cup of tea to the garden, and delight in the wet.


Stephanie said...

Hi! That rain was really nice! Our rain gauge showed three inches while we were away last week. But, it's probably time to water stuff again! Thanks for the links. I'll check them out! :)

Laurie said...

Happy, happy the pond is filling up, Stephanie!