Monday, January 23, 2012

Mucking About

Slowly but surely, details and paperwork are being taken care of.  This week, I plan to work on catching up on my ironing and mending.  This morning is gray and drizzly, so it seems a good day for ironing.  I have some Little House on the Prairie episodes from the library to amuse me while I work.  I didn't watch them years ago, but after reading The Wilder Years, I thought I'd give them a look.  I'm loving my new boots, a gift from my Mom.  They bring me cheer on these gray days.  I hope you too have things to cheer and amuse you these days!


Karla said...

Plenty of things ;) enjoy!!

(loving those boots!)

Diane said...

I love those boots!!! I need those for rainy days and muddy days at the lake. I will have to see where your mom got those!!!!