Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smiling McNibs

I've been getting ready for this weekend's show at the Gatekeeper's House in Asheboro.  The open house was great fun, seeing lots of folks I love to spend time with.  Since then, I've learned how to use grinders, a drill press, torch and  plasma cutter.  Such fun to learn how to make metal art! The paint is still drying, but I hope to take pics tomorrow to share.  I'll leave you with a smiling McNibs. 


laura weant johnson said...

love the pics!!! happy puppy!

JLK Jewelry said...

We are so glad we got to spend time with the pups! and you guys too, of course!

The steel is looking good, hope you have a great weekend. And I am looking forward to us playing with plasma! We can make some fun stuff together.