Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kefir Has Arrived

For years, I have made my own yogurt. I enjoy it in smoothies or with fruit, and often use it as the dairy portion of bread or other recipes. I fed Hickory a homemade diet (following Dr. Pitcairn's recommendations), and he went through quite a lot of yogurt, being the big dog he was. The kitties Sage and Callie beg for it daily, so making my own can save a bit of cash.

For some time, I've wanted to make my own kefir. It's not something you can start from a storebought batch, like yogurt. Kefir can be pretty pricey, and there's also the fact that the closest kefir is 30 minutes away. I recently purchased milk kefir grains, to give it a try. They arrived today, and I've already gotten the first batch underway, which was easy-peasy. I bought these from the etsy site, Yemoos. It arrived lovingly packaged, with an adoption certificate! Pretty clever! It's a bit dreary and icy today, so a cozy indoor day was in order.

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