Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Colors

The mountains were beautiful. I had a grand time with Teresa, and in class. While I had some long days in class, the scenery, good food and good people made the trip enjoyable. The first photo was the view from our room. On one of the days, T brought back a bounty of antioxidant goodness from The Chocolate Fetish to share. If the toffee, and the dried cherry and walnut round are any indication, I'm almost scared to try any of the truffles. The Center was lovely, with a wonderful innkeeper, excellent food, enjoyable guests and a nightly fire in the great room. We had the best intentions to enjoy the hot tub and sauna, but ran out of time.

The second delivery of concrete arrived early this morning, which finishes the pad for the shop. I manned one end of the screed board again, and Joseph is finishing up the trowel work. There has not yet been anything other than a light frost, here and in the mountains, so there are still perennials blooming, along with the changing leaves. I'm enjoying all the color, while it lasts.

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cookingwithgas said...

what a wonderful trip!