Monday, August 23, 2010

Fellow Travelers on the Path

On a walk Saturday evening, I came across a baby rabbit in the middle of the path. Is there anything sweeter than a tiny rabbit, with their big brown eyes? It allowed me to touch it's soft brown fur before scampering off. Then, as I sat on the bench overlooking the hayfield, a hummingbird alighted very close by. I talked to it for some time, so I can only assume it's one that comes to visit my feeders, and is used to my comings and goings there. Have I mentioned before how much I love living here :o)

I spent a good portion of the weekend taking pictures, and stocking the shop with my latest dessert pedestals. I've had a lot of fun finding the treasures that become these, and then finding just the right combination to match up. Happy Monday!

Oh, I had to come back and tell you this! I've been waiting for Susie at Scraps of Life to review my soaps, and today's the day! To check out the review and enter my soap giveaway, go here.


MamaCook said...

What a sweet experience! I always look forward to your blogs. Life is good.

Teresa said...

Great review!! I agree with every word!

Jill McDowell said...

I sweet Laurie,

Thanks for popping in Calico Petals. I hope you're having a nice end of summer.
Take care and stay in touch.

Your friend,

Jill 00

Carolyn said...

What an absolutely lovely experience. So joyful!

kriips said...

Congrats Laurie!
Great review, hope it brings more traffic to your etsy store too!

Shannon said...

Hello! I am actually visiting you from Susieptpies and hoping to win your soaps! I just had to comment though that I am very jealous the baby bunny let you pet it. I have two rabbits at home and remember when one of them was a little baby. :)