Monday, April 5, 2010

Little One

On Saturday, J's son came to help him put up fence posts & fencing. The garden has expanded quite a bit, with 2 new asparagus beds, a potato bed, and a sunchoke bed. Also, we had our largest patch of strawberries in the same area. We wanted to get the new section fenced in, mostly to keep the chickens out. J's sons partner, and little L, came and spent the day as well. She's such a sweet little thing, and has a good mama to care for her.

J & son both worked hard and steady all day, and got all the fenceposts in & fencing up. Bravo guys! One minor challenge was they cut the phone line in the process. But J, being the handy guy he is, had it repaired by noon yesterday. We enjoyed a lovely Easter dinner with my siblings and families at my Mom's. The weather is hot for April, but just gorgeous. Hope your Easter weekend was a nice one!


cookingwithgas said...

How cute is that baby!

A Friend Across the Miles said... sure a sign of spring as sweet...