Sunday, August 16, 2009

Homestead Fun, Peace & Bluegrass

Yesterday morning, I headed to Whynot Pottery to support the Potters for Peace Event. I got 2 glasses, & have loved using mine today. There was a lot of interest in this event, & they sold out before noon. In the past few weeks, I've seen so many signs that we truly are creating a better world. My Mom & her partner Frank came for a visit yesterday. After dinner, we all headed to Ramseur Lake to hear some bluegrass by Nu-Blu. Today has been a good homesteading day. I canned another 11 quarts of tomatoes. While the 2nd batch of tomatoes was processing, I juiced all the green apples from our orchard that have fallen. It's my first attempt in making apple cider vinegar. I've read that you should & you shouldn't make vinegar from green apples, but my frugal sensibilities won out. All the pulp went into the compost, same as if I hadn't juiced them. I figured it was worth a try. I had some "mother" to put in the vinegar, to jumpstart the process, from some Bragg's vinegar I had. Then I made a quart each of lacto-fermented pickles & green beans. I've made passable dill pickles, but they weren't crisp, so I thought I'd try this recipe, which you make at room temperature & then keep in the fridge. Joseph has been creating today. I know he created a surprise for me, & is now doing the finishing touches on a mosquito, made from metal & other repurposed items. It looks great so far. I'll post a picture after it's finished.

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cookingwithgas said...

Everything looks so good on your counter- plus your potters for peace tumbler!
Thanks for coming out for the cause.
I can't wait to see what J- is making!